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These groups are already actively controlling rodents, and a few are controlling both mustelids and rodents on Waiheke.

They are always looking for new volunteers - get in touch today!


Help us fill in the map! We know that at least 50% of Waiheke land is already under some level of rat control, but also that many more people are doing rat and stoat control on their own land. If you are controlling rats or other pest animals please email and tell us your address and what control you are doing, and we will add you to the map.

Community activity map

Map6_WaihekeProjects_Version1_CHedits_V2- April 2018.JPEG

Waiheke Collective Mustelid Control Project

The Waiheke Collective are running a stoat control project that is protecting wildlife areas on Waiheke, such as around kaka nests and penguin burrows. The team are using DOC 200 stoat traps, and are trialling different types of lure including fresh and salted rabbit. Half the traps also have new remote sensing technology - “ Celium" nodes on the traps tell the team if the trap has gone off, meaning much time is saved because these traps don’t need to be checked so regularly. Information from this project and others will greatly help in determining tools and methods most effective in dealing with Waiheke stoats.