predator control tools

There’s lots of great predator control resources, here’s a few sites we recommend.

Where to buy traps

The following Waiheke groups have traps available for sale.

  • Predator Free Palm Beach -

  • Forest and Bird (visit their Saturday market stall at Waiheke Ostend Market)

  • Placemakers, 102 Ostend Road, Ostend

  • Waiheke Hire Centre, 2 Tahi Road, sells discounted bait, care of local charity BirdSafe

The Predator Free NZ Trust also has information on where to purchase traps.


responsible pet ownership

Waiheke SPCA and the Hauraki Gulf branch of Forest and Bird have developed a responsible pet ownership brochure, you can download it here.

ebird instructions

Download the eBird app from the app store on your smart phone.

 Set up an eBird account (required before you can open the app)

1.     Create a free eBird account by filling out all the required fields (first name, last name, email) and create a username and password (8 characters long)

2.     Press “Create Account” then go into your email to activate the account (there will be an email from eBird).

eBird app set up (only required the first time you go into the app)

3.     Fill in your username and password and press login.

4.     You can enter your physical address or “Skip this step”.

5.     Press the blue “Continue to ebird” button.

6.     This will take you to the account settings page. Click portal and scroll down until you find “New Zealand Bird Atlas”

7.     If this option does not show up then close the app and re-open it. Click the little cog icon in the bottom right side of the screen to get back to account settings.

8.     After selecting “New Zealand Bird Atlas” hit the back arrow in the top left corner which will take you back to the home page.

Using the eBird app (once you are ready to go ‘birding’)

9.     To start a bird checklist press the green “Start” button on the home page.

10.  Select “Choose a Location from Map” and the GPS will confirm your location.

11.  If you have a done a checklist before you can select “Choose a Recent Location”.

12.  If you are in an area without Wifi connection then choose “Create Offline Checklist”.

(You will need to follow the instruction for submitting your checklist once you are back in Wifi or you can enter the checklist on your computer at

13.  After selecting your location confirm the time and date of your sighting then press start.

14.  When you see a bird press the plus symbol next to its name for the number of birds you see. To find the bird in the app you can just search at the top of the page or scroll down through the list of birds until you find it.

15.  When you have finished your birding hit review in the bottom right corner of the screen.

16.  Confirm that you are submitting a complete checklist and whether you did the observation standing or travelling. If you did the observation travelling it will ask you the distance that you traveled.

17.  Increase the number of observers to 2 by using the + icon. Type in the word “waiheke” as the second observer.

18.  Then hit the SUBMIT button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.